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What You Need to Know About Your Community

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There’s been a huge boom in the tech industry here in Colorado and a great community has been formed.  Finding your community is important for your business because it opens up avenues of networking, support, and resources.  When people see that you’re involved in any type of local community, they will be more likely to support you and your business.  Also if you are an active face of your business, people will see you and your business as a unique personality and not just ‘some business that we’ve heard about.’

Built in Colorado is an organization that brings together startup companies and tries to provide a medium for them to collaborate.  They have meetings that bring the startup companies together and they can chat with other startup companies or with people seeking jobs in the startup industry.  It’s a great place to find what you need or to meet contacts.

There are a ton of other groups and organizations out there that you can find that fits with you and your business.

I’ve been to several networking events and I’ve met a lot of people and built a lot of lasting relationships.  The challenge is to keep networking even if sometimes it doesn’t go well.  There will be some meetings where you may find that you got very little from it.   There will also be other times where you meet a ton of people that you should connect with.  Don’t expect to get clients immediately because networking is a long term strategy.  The people you meet may not be your clients, but they will surely know people who will need you.

The key is to build on the relationship with people you really think you can work with.  With a close relationship, you will be on the top of their minds and vice versa when they have clients that need your services.  Building on these relationships will also get you more immersed in the local community.  The more exposure you get, the better it is for your business!

The best place to start is just go to MeetUp and look for business or professional meetups.  I don’t doubt that you will find a ton around your area.  If you have more free time, there are a ton of meetups for your hobbies and other interests too!


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