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Nguyen & Associates, CPA and Hanson & Associates, PC have merged to better serve you.
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Ryan Nguyen; Founder – Nguyen & Associates, CPA

Nguyen & Associates, CPA // Hanson & Associates, PC

Hi there!
You’re probably looking for Shawn Hanson with Hanson & Associates, PC.  Don’t worry, we didn’t hijack her website or her business.  We actually merged with her firm since she is looking to take a step back from her business.  We were one of the companies that was interested in this merger and we are very proud to be the one that she selected.  The fun, personal, and excellent service that you’re so used to with Shawn will still be here with Nguyen & Associates, CPA.
I want to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible and I want to assure you that we have all the staff in place to make sure you and your tax return are taken care of.  Ken Legge will be at the Loveland office that you’re familiar with to meet with you in person, if you wish.  Please feel free to give us a call on our main number or schedule a meeting with one of our staff to get started.
My name is Ryan and I’m the founder of this company and many of my clients say that we do great work and try to keep matters light and comfortable for everyone.  I majored in Accounting when I was in college and to be honest, I was really regretting my career decision.  After working at two accounting jobs, I knew I wasn’t happy with the direction my career was going and was even considering going back to school!  I decided to give accounting one last try and decided to start my own company.  Boy, am I glad I did that!  I absolutely LOVE what I do now because I get to work and interact directly with clients, solving their problems, and being challenged day in and out.
I’m really looking forward to working with you!
-Ryan Nguyen; Founder – Nguyen & Associates

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